Wednesday, February 06, 2013

TAEKWONDO WTF: European games 2015 - TEST edition

Taekwondo Included in European Games

Taekwondo will be a part of the newly established European Games in 2015.

The European Olympic Committee (EOC) gave green light to the creation of the European Games, which will take place every four years and will have Taekwondo as one of its main sports.

Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, will be the host city of the first Games, scheduled for 2015 and which will always be celebrated in the year preceding an Olympic Games.

The first European Games will be very much a trial and test run for a huge event in 2019. They should become a qualifier for the Olympic Games in 2020 for certain sports. Up to 7,000 athletes are expected to compete in 2015 in the first European Games, which is seen as an answer to other Games which are currently in place on other continents, such as the Asian Games and the Pan-American Games.

Press conference after the General Assembly of the EOC

The four-yearly event will include 15 of the 28 summer Olympic sports, plus two non-Olympic sports, which have not been selected yet. Archery, badminton, boxing, canoeing, fencing, handball, judo, rugby sevens, shooting, Taekwondo, table tennis, triathlon and volleyball seem to be confirmed in the calendar for Baku 2015.

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