Wednesday, February 06, 2013

IOC: How many sports will remain in IOC till 2020 Olympic Games?

Will all combat sports leave IOC?

Important Date for Taekwondo to Stay Olympic

IOC will decide about future olympic core sports.

The future number of olympic core sports will be reduced from currently 26 to 25 in 2020 and thereafter. This was decided by the IOC and during this year the decision who will have to go will be made. The decision of the IOC is based on some criteria (see below). Important dates in 2013 are the following:
Between February 12th and 13th the Olympic Program Comission, led by Italy’s senior IOC member Franco Carraro, will present a report informing the Executive Board with the core sport they suggest to cut from the 26 current ones. 
Then the OPC will propose the list of eligible sports to add in 2020 to the Executive Board during the SportAccord Convention, which will be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) between May 26th May 31st. 
During the 125th IOC Session on Sept. 7th in Buenos Aires the delegates will vote for approval of both proposals by simple majority.

Criteria of evaluation
The following criteria will be taken into account when deciding over the olympic core sports:
- Universality of the sport at all levels: An Olympic sport must be truly global, offering equal opportunities to the population of a vast number of countries worldwide.
- Media exposure: An Olympic sport needs to be followed for public in general and has to be able to catch TV’s interest.
- Good governance: The International Federation of an Olympic sport must respect the IOC Charter and the autonomy of the Olympic movement in all its actions.

The World Taekwondo Federation has done a lot during the last years to meet those criteria and the changes in Taekwondo games have been well noticed by the IOC. Therefore, especially after the successful Olympic Games of 2012 in London, WTF believes that there are good chances for Taekwondo to be one of the olympic core sports after 2020.

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