Saturday, February 16, 2013

IOC: IWUF - Wu shu for iclusion in the Olympic games 2020

The IWUF has presented our proposal to include Wushu in the Olympic Games in 2020 to the Olympic Programme Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on December 19th, 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Olympic Programme Commission will evaluate the candidate sports and make its recommendation to the IOC Executive Board.
Our team has presented the evolution of our organization and the added-value that we would be able to bring to the Olympic Movement if Wushu were included in the Olympic Games. We laid out the structure of the events that we would like propose to the IOC, as well as how we can guarantee a fair play. A World Champion told her personal story and expressed her eagerness as an athlete to participate in a real Olympic Games competition. Our presentation started with a 5-minutes video, followed with a 15-minutes presentation and ended with a 10-minutes Q & A session.
According to IOC’s rule, each International Federation can send a maximum of 6 people to the presentation. The IWUF’s presentation team was composed of President Mr. Zaiqing YU (CHN), Vice-President Mr. Raymond SMITH (GBR), Vice-President Mr. Anthony GOH (USA), Referee Representative Mr. Byron Jacobs (RSA), Technical Representative Mr. Luc Bendza (GAB) and Athlete Representative Ms. Daria Tarasova (RUS).
All the international federations of the IOC short-listed sports will be invited to do a second presentation to the IOC Executive Board in May 2013, after which, the IOC Executive Board will propose one of the sports to the IOC Session to be held in September 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina for its approval.
The other six sports on the IOC short list are: Baseball and Softball, Wakeboard, Climbing, Roller Skating, Karate, and Squash.
As only one of the seven sports will be selected for the 2020 Olympics, the IWUF is fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us. The IWUF will continue its best efforts in presenting wushu to IOC and its relevant committees, ensuring them that wushu is a mature and qualified sport for the 2020 Games.                       

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