Saturday, February 02, 2013

ITALY: Multi - savate - FISCAM

17 february 2013 in Bresso, Milan, ITALY FISCAM: Federazione Italiana Sport da Combattimento e Arti Marziali (Italian martial arts and combat sports federation) - is just something . Another one bluffing instance in Italian combat sports.

Maybe futuristic - good idea about unity in combat sports which is still not supported in Sportaccord under the same Union of Martial art and combat sports federations (like International Mind Sports Association).

And FISCAM in Italy like French FSCDA could be in future a representative of that kind of International union. FiWUK (wu-shu), FIKBMS (kickboxing (and illegal savate, and illegal muay thai)), FIJLKAM (karate, wrestling, judo, ju-jitsu, kendo, aikido, capoeira, MMA-FILA) and FPI (boxing) are basis in Italian Olympic Committee.

All these about WTKA, FISCAM, WKA is just an Italian typical dust in your eyes or better fouette Italiene in your groins. And savate FISA probably get its money through channels which derives from FIKBMS (Italian kickboxing federation). There is also well known Giorgo Castoldi and old friend od International savate.

And look CONI also supports savate in FISCAM , CONI supports also savate in FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation, and FISA logo we also find on these poster.
Strange? Not at all. Italian savateurs are actually kickboxers WAKO (FIKBMS) playing once a year savate - french boxing role. And French like those so called savate groups.

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