Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AGFIS/GAISF - Mr. Verbruggen in 44th EKF championships

Saturday, 09 May 2009

On 8th May, the first day of the 44th European Senior Championships took place, Mr Hein Verbruggen, President of GAISF / SPORTACCORD and Ms. Laura Yan Shin, Manager of the Martial Arts Games 2010 attended the Competition and the Opening Ceremony, as this will be the first time the Martial Arts Games will be held, they were observing the development of the Karate Championships ; next June 13 delegates will be travelling to Bejing to attend a meeting where the exact dates for the Games will be decided and the technical details for each Martial art will be discussed.
Mr. Verbruggen participated at the Awards Ceremony, offering the medals to the winners at Kata individual female category.

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