Sunday, June 28, 2009

JKS savate - Pavia, Italy

Presenting training of Alessandro Lamenta - trainer of JKS gym, savate. I like his way of teaching savate. Savate is sport. Savate should be spontaneous, open - minded and not mortal kombat as most martial arts wants to be. So Alessandro, your way of teaching savate is for my opinion correct way and very different from classic kickboxing.

Why you should love Italians?
Beacuse they are always ready for all kind of jokes, even if heavy combat fights are expected. But beware of serious and quiet ones, these are not kind of I am talking about and showing them in this video. One big hug to Italy.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

HI, I am Alessandro Lamenta, I am the instructor in JKS GYM of Savate in Pavia.
During the last lesson I left vent my students.
The video is the result of the lesson.
Have fun?
Ciao a tutti i Savateur!

Unknown said...

thanks for compliments!!