Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WKA kickboxing Rulebook 2009 - Amateurism or Professionalism

WKA kickboxing has strict rules about amateur and professional fighters.
FIS SAVATE - should also follow this direction. Just because we are talking about some AGFIS :), in the near future :).

Amateur Status

The term “Amateur” is used to refer to the Full-Contact, Kickboxing , Thai-Box or Original
WKA kickboxing rules (K-1), Sanda and Knock Down Karate style competitors. However, in this
rulebook it is used to describe all non-professional competitors.
Amateurs are all competitors, who do not meet one or more of the following conditions:
Competitor is under a professional contract.
Competitor has participated in tournaments or gala of 5 rounds of 3 minutes (Thai-Box A-Class).
Competitor has participated in tournaments or gala of more than 5 rounds.
Competitor is listed on a Pro-Rank list of one of the following, or similar organizations:
c) WKA
d) WKF
e) WKN
f) WMC
The above list is not a complete list. It is only a sample. Hence, other organizations which are
similar in nature are also to be considered.
If a competitor thinks he might be listed on a Pro-Rank list while he should not be, then he has to
report it to his/her national federation and apply for an amateur status confirmation. It is also
his/her responsibility to contact the organization that lists him. The WKA HQ will decide upon the
application to remain classified as an amateur. Amateur status will be granted while the application
is pending.
None-Amateurs cannot participate in Amateur events; especially the Amateur-World
Championship. If the WKA HQ found out about a Non-Amateur participation in such events, one
or more of the following consequences might be considered:
a) Disqualification of the Non-Amateur;
b) Participation ban and time to be determined by the WKA HQ;
c) Fine of 250 EUR; and/or
d) Revocation of the won title, where as a revocation of the world title requires the WKA
Executive Board approval.

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