Tuesday, June 02, 2009

JUDO on 25th SELL student games 2009


The SELL (Suomi, Eesti, Latvian, Lithuanian) students sport games originated in 1923 when a student sports competition was organized in Terbatu (Tartu). Students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland participated in these games, therefore the name includes the initial letters from the names of these countries. Until 1939, the SELL games were organized in one of the four Baltic Sea countries. In 1940, soviet occupation interrupted the games.

In 1997, representatives from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signed a declaration for the renewal of the SELL games.

The SELL summer games
I 1923 Tartu
II 1924 Riga
III 1926 Helsinki
IV 1929 Kaunas
V 1930 Tallinn
VI 1931 Riga
VII 1932 Helsinki
VIII 1933 Kaunas
IX 1934 Tartu
X 1935 Riga
XI 1936 Helsinki
XII 1937 Kaunas
XIII 1938 Tartu
XIV 1939 Riga
XV 1998 Tartu
XVI 1999 Kaunas
XVII 2000 Jelgava
XVIII 2002 Tartu
XIX 2003 Kaunas
XX 2004 Tampere
XXI 2005 Riga
XXII 2006 Tartu
XXIII 2007 Kaunas
XXIV 2008 Otaniemi-Espoo

The SELL winter games
I 1929 Riga
II 1931 Helsinki
III 1933 Kaunas
IV 1935 Riga, Sigulda
V 1938 Zarasai
VI 1940 Otepe

SELL chess tournaments
I 1937 Riga
II 1938 Tartu
III 1939 Helsinki

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