Monday, June 22, 2009

WBO professional boxing: Miranda (Argentina) vs. Zavec (Slovenia)

It is nice to see promotion of professional boxing in Slovenia. Match was in the second biggest city in Slovenia - Maribor.
Weird thing is - that boxing as olympic sport doesn't have any official BOXING GYM in a capital of Slovenia - city of Ljubljana. Sport authorities of Ljubljana say that boxing is not developed enough in Slovenia-Ljubljana to spend all this money for ONE AND ONLY PERMANENT BOXING RING. Boxers in Ljubljana usually do their trainings in a small public gyms or school gyms, usually (˝if school management allows˝) with one or even two boxing bags.
ALI G - you were right with your statement "GO BACK TO SLOVENIA".
Who is Slovenia and Ljubljana afraid of? Boxers? I doubt.

- alias: Jan Zaveck, Mr. Sympathikus
- date of birth: 13th of March 1976
- lives: Ptuj (Slovenia) and Magdeburg (Germany)
- height: 171 cm
- weight: - 66,678 kg (welter)
- job: professional boxer
- professional from: 2003
- club: SES Magdeburg
- trainer: Dirk Dzemski
- manager: Ulf Steinforth
- statistics: 27 win (15 with KO), 1 loss, 0 no decision

* Amateur CV:
- 7 times Slovenian national champion (AIBA - boxing)
- champion of kickboxing federation of Slovenia (Kickboxing club Ptuj - Vladimir Sitar)

* Professional CV:
19th of June 2009 Jorge Daniel Miranda, hall Tabor, Maribor
15th of May 2009 Arek Malek, Bordrlandhalle, Magdeburg
15th of June 2008 Marco Cattikas, hall Tabor, Maribor
19th of January 2008 Pietro d'Alessio, Burg-Waechter Castello, Dusseldorf
13th of October 2007 Albert Starikov, Herrmann-Gieseler-Halle, Magdeburg
17th of February 2007 Nicolas Guisset, Hotel Maritim, Magdeburg
23th of May 2006 Andrej Jeskin, Sport hall Center, Ptuj
25th of March 2006 Joel Mayo, Turm Erlebnis City, Oranienburg
29th of October 2005 Serge Vigne, Turm Erlebnis City, Oranienburg
20th of September 2005 Mihajil Bojarskih, T-Mobile Arena, Praga
18th of June 2005 Joseph Sovijus, Amfiteater Arena, Pula
02th of April 2005 Danilo Alcantara, Ofen Stadthalle, Velten
15th of January 2005 Martins Kukuls, Bordelandhalle, Magdeburg
18th of September 2004 Jurijs Boreiko, Herrmann-Gieseler-Halle, Magdeburg
17th of July 2004 Arthur Nowak, Anhalt Arena, Dessau
05th of June 2004 Boubacar Sidibe, Hotel Maritim, Magdeburg
17th of April 2004 Viktor Baranov, hall Tabor, Maribor
21th of February 2004 Nikita Zajcev, Ballhaus Arena, Aschersleben
29th of November 2003 Rožalin Nasibulin, Lausitz Arena, Cottbus
17th of October 2003 Andrzej Butowicz, Usti nad Labem, Češka
20th of September 2003 Leonti Voroncuk, Hotel Maritim, Magdeburg
05th of July 2003 Kamel Ikene, Anhalt Arena, Dessau
14th of June 2003 Artur Drinaj, Bordelandhalle, Magdeburg
21th of May 2003 Nikita Zajcev, Hradec Kralove, Češka
25th of April 2003 Patrik Hruska, Hotel Maritim, Magdeburg
21th of March 2003 Nico Salzmann, Sportcenter Jumps, Weissensee, Berlin
01th of March 2003 Zsolt Toth, Ballhaus Arena, Aschersleben

* Lost: professional boxing
29th of September 2008 Rafael Jackeiewicz, hall Spodek, Katowice

* No decision: professional boxing
12th of June 2007 Jorge Daniel Miranda, hall Tabor, Maribor

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