Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frey Rolf gave licenses in German savate in 1986

Frey Rolf - mysterious savate trainer from Germany (30th of January 1986)

INSEP certificate - signed probaly by DTN Bob Alix (16th of March 1986)(source from comments)

Initiateur - Instructeur(3 months)

In times of FIS president Jean-Marie ROUSSEAU 23 mars 1985 - 1989:
(do you have a picture of our first president :) ?)

Frey Rolf, Hohenackerstr. 77,71334, Waiblingen, Germany, Europe - Is this man savate instructor who licensed Buhlbron savate trainer Ari?

Comments say: Frey Rolf is unknown to Germany?

Our long savate history seems to be so weak? Why?


Anonymous said...

in Germany and France is rolf frey by no means a unknown savate trainer

Pedro da Glória said...

The second diploma is signed by Bob Alix, French DTN