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ARSIC - International, USA 1983-2002

Since 1983
19 years as the organization of Savate in the USA

“ARSIC-international has grown from one
small club to the major organization it now is.
By registering your clubs and your students
with the American Registry of Savate
Instructors and Clubs-International, your club
will be considered as pioneering Savate in
the USA. We, as a team, are just at the
beginning of developing Savate in the USA.
By joining ARSIC-International you will be
marking a milestone in the development of
Savate as an united organization. Your
contributions in the pioneering of Savate will
be felt in this country and overseas for the
many hundreds and thousands years the
world will remain”

Some Important ARSIC Savate Dates in the
1983: Opening of the FIRST United State
FIBFSDA Savate club (under FIBFSDA Pr. Jean-Noel Eynard) The
club was called:
St. Joseph’s University
Savate Boxing Club and Registry.
1983: The FIBFSDA Vice President Marc
Guerin organizes
the first US-France Savate
1985: Awarding of the three first United
States Savate-Box Francaise Instructors.
1986: SJU Savate boxing Club became the
Philadelphia Registry of Savate Clubs
1988: The P.R.S.C. in collaboration with
FIBFS&AD first president Jean-Marie
Rousseau organizes the first FIBFSDA
International USA Savate Seminar.
1988: The Philadelphia Registry of Savate
becomes known as:
The United States Registry of Savate
1994: The first major Savate Internet sites
”the American Internet Site for Savate and
Box-Francaise” associates with the “U.S.
Registry of Savate” to become
“ The American Registry of Savate Internet sites and Clubs”
1994: ARSIC central office relocates to
Tennessee. The development of Savate led
to the formation of
the first BF-Savate
instructor of the mid south.
1997: ARSIC central office is relocated to the
State of Texas (Houston Q Club) where several instructors are
1998 ARSIC central office relocate back to
Pennsylvania. With the assistance of the
Federation of Savate Box Francaise and
Associated Disciplines based in
Pennsylvania, various clubs located in the
tristate area join ARSIC.
1999 The “American Registry of Savate
Internet Site and Clubs” changed its name to:
"The American Registry of Savate Instructors and Clubs-International”.
(ARSIC-International (TM))
1999 ARSIC-International is granted approval
as an international registered trade marked
business name in the state of Pennsylvania.
1999 ARSIC-International agree to become
the central registering branch for the United
State Federation led by
Interim President
Savate Moniteur Norman Taylor.
2000 Several state associations are joining
ARSIC-International TM (see below)
2000 An USA Team of Savate is put together by
Michael Giordani of the California Savate Federation and represents the
USA in Paris for the World Championship.
The team is granted ARSIC-International registration upon return to the USA
2002 (March 30th)
Restructuration of the USSF/ARSIC under the guidance of
Compagnon de la Savate & Professor Gilles Lui-Duigou

10 US States which have ARSIC-International
Registered Instructors or Clubs:
Eastern States:
Delaware (1)
Pennsylvania (3)
New-Jersey (3)
Central States:
Illinois (2)
Maryland (1)
Virginia (1)
Southern States:
Louisiana (1)
Texas (2)
Colorado (1)
Western States
California (5)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to you, as a certified French boxing trainer, to request some information about the London Savate Open 2015 which will be held on July 4.

I would like to register Sub-junior and Cadet Boxers for this competition. They are those who have their French boxing licence affiliated to the French Savate Federation as well as sufficient technical level to pretend to it.

I wonder whether it is possible.

If yes, in which case can they do this? What are the conditions for their entry?

I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Philippe Diez

President of the Gironde French Boxing Committee, Aquitaine, France.