Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slovenian K1 illusion

Miran Fabjan was a winner of the biggest K1 event in Slovenia called WFC. After WFC Rozle Jazbinsek said that all fights were arranged in advance. And after all no money for competitors. Maybe because they were all amateurs. Yes Coubertain, this time for real.

Oh my god look his techniques.

He is one of big hopes of ASD gladiatorum (brothers Petrosian train there.)
Please observe this KO. Did you see any contact. Maybe I am blind , but if there was something please report me in comments.

And what they say about him:
Miran is from Slovenia and has already fought many times in Europe. This is his first fight in Thailand. Miran won easilly with a 1st round KO. Miran plans to return to Rawai Camp (Charles Scarbowski training place) in October and stay for half a year to concentrate on fighting and training.

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Slavko Majkić said...

ha hha hha I am totaly agree with you this time...who is Miran Fabjan WTF??? I hope he gona stay in Thailand forever beacuse he is retard and mybe thats help him to recover ha hha